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     All of our portable products are available in three different finishes. Dark Mahogany, Golden Oak, and Natural Wood

   When setting up, you can choose to between the 4' working space or add the expandable top (that adjusts to 3 different angles) and expansions that expand the bar to 6' for a larger workspace.
   What makes our products so unique? Well, besides the more affordable prices, EVERY bartending or catering product we have transition into three different sizes, full-size, mid-size, and tailgate size.
   Click on the tabs above to view the specifications and our 3d models of all 3 colors/finish options available. If you're lucky enough to have VR...Take a walk around and see for yourself!   

Are looking for a way to take your business with you wherever you go and advertise your product on demand and in real time?
Have you ever seen an advertisement for one of those other "portable" products that aren't actually portable because you wonder "how would that fit into a car?
Well,  with a 48"x 24" profile, ours will fit easily in the backseat of most cars.

Are you serious about selling or wanting to expand your mobile business and build your brand?
Looking for the perfect way to mobilize your business so you can sell more?
Are you looking for a professional way to display and sell your products?


Perfect for a portable product display, portable beverage service, or anything where you need a stable, flat surface to work on.
There are so many uses for Portable Bar Solution's Multi-Purpose bar that it would be impossible to list them all.
We can't wait to see what you choose to use it for. You can practically turn almost any business you want into a mobile one.
Removable endcaps will allow for the addition of upcoming add-ons to advertise and display your products.

Roof offers plenty of extra space for extra product. Always have more of what you choose to sell within reach to sell more
Latches on the side allow for you to add your own locks and secure your inventory.



There has never been a better time to start or expand your business!

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Top adjusts to 3 different angles



Vertical or horizontal transport and storage


Dark Mahogany 3D Model

Full Size


Mid Size



Tailgate Size



Golden Oak 3D Model

Full Size


Mid Size



Tailgate Size



 Natural Wood 3D Model

Full Size

 Mid Size



Tailgate Size