We're Finally Here and Open For Business!!

Yesssss!!!!! We are now officially open for business!

It's been such a long road but we're finally here.
           What started off as a simple idea turned into years of research and learning. Every graphic you see, every 3d model that you explore, every t-shirt design, every bar design you see was designed by me...DannyB. For those that are new to the site and to me, allow me to introduce myself. I have been a bartender in the Dallas area for over 15 years. I have worked in everything from high volume clubs to fine dining.
           The original idea for my concepts started as a very simple idea. Back when I went out to venture on my own and start my own bartending/catering business, I realized there just wasn't any portable bars out there that fit my needs, and plus most of the good ones were really expensive. None of them looked like an actual bar and resembled more of a bookshelf. In all honesty, none of them were actually "portable" either. At the time I was driving a 3000gt that had very limited space. VERY limited space. 
           Well, I decided to design my own bar and I would get asked at parties where I bought it. I often had clients pay to keep them. I decided to go to the drawing board and re-design because if I was going to start selling them, I wanted them to be top quality. I did some test, R&D, found the perfect wood/finish combination and here we are today. I hope everyone enjoys the website. Even though I know how to code and build websites, I chose to use a Shopify platform because the support (and backend) are things that would have delayed me for even longer and I just wanted to get my product to market. I had already spent a plethora of my time with graphics and 3d and along the way.
            I'm not sure what direction I'll take it from here, but I really want to tour the country and tailgate everywhere. Maybe some vlogs, a more robust youtube...who knows. One thing I do know is that there is absolutely nothing out there on the market like this and especially for the price. You can feel free to search and waste your time as I did, but you're just not going to find anything of this quality or with the versatility that PBS offers. I have plans on adding skirts, and branding but I have yet to delve into that aspect but I will soon. The bar is absolutely BEAUTIFUL fully skirted (as pictured below) but I have yet to find a good seamstress that doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Just wait until you see our Tiki Bar that will be available soon 

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