Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale   Are you tired of working off clients tables or carrying around unsightly, unstable "bookshelf looking" bars that aren't actually portable?

 Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale Looking for a way to quickly set-up and breakdown while keeping everything organized and within reach?

Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-SaleComes with 6 5"x 5" Containers, ice Bin, and 28" speed-rail

Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale Set-up to your preference: Right-handed, Left-Handed, or ambidextrous.

 Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale Available with option of roof for bottle storage with latches to add your own locks to protect you inventory

 Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale   Are you tired of working off clients tables or carrying around unsightly, unstable tables that aren't actually portable?

 Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale Easy and simple set-up and breakdown. Concentrate more on what matters...your clients

Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale Two chaffering pans and stands are included (but allows you to add and customize to your own liking).

Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale Perfect for mobile catering and easily stores away using very minimal space (see specifications).

 Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale Available with a roof for extra storage of catering pans and supplies with latches on both side to add your own locks to protect your inventory

Portable Multi-Purpose Bars for Professional Advertising

 Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-SaleWant to get your product off a standard table (that's not actually portable) and get your product eye level with you customers?

   Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-SalePerfect for in or out-of-store demos that require a flat, steady surface to work or advertise on.

Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-SaleFlat, sturdy surface for coffee machines, shaved ice machines, margarita machines, etc..

Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-Sale28" Speedrail option perfect for portable baristas or mobile beverage service.

Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-SaleSide latches allow you to add your own locks and secure your inventory.

Portable-Bar-Solutions-Mobile-Bar-for-SaleRemovable endcaps allow for addition of upcoming addons to advertise and display your products.